Bad breath, we are all aware about how embarrassing it is and what exactly is is. But what causes it?  You can prevent the embarrassment that accompanies bad breath by knowing what causes foul breath. Read on to learn more about what causes bad breath and quit being afraid of getting close.

What Causes Bad Breath?

There are multiple issues because of bad breath can be caused. Bad breath is also called halitosis.

Food. There are some types of food items that give bad breath. For instance: Onion, garlic, coffee, tea, spicy or even fragrant foods can leave a bad breath and mouth less than what it is called fresh. To prevent it, brushing is the key, chewing sugar-free gum can help fight bad breath or even mouthwash is better for a burst of freshness.

Disease. Diseases are bad, that’s why they are diseases. Often diseases cause bad breath like respiratory issues, tonsillitis, sinus infections, digestive disorders and even diabetes. Make sure to ask your doctor to prescribe medications for halitosis or bad breath or dry mouth. Dry mouth results in bad breath or even worse. If side effects are a problem, talk to your doctor.

Tobacco. Tobacco consumption and smoking is known to produce bad breath. One of the major risks tobacco and smoking can bring is create oral cancers, stain teeth and irritate your gums. A tobacco free lifestyle can reduce the negative effects it brings and especially bad breath.

Bacteria. You need proper flossing, brushing and healthy oral hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist is also essential for plaque removal and some bacteria that do not remove by washing. The build-up of sticky bacteria can cause bad breath.

By following the ADA recommendation of brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and routine visits to the dentist, you can keep bacteria in check.

Dental issues. Bad breath can be caused by dental issues such as gum disease or cavities. Crowded teeth or ill-fitting dental appliances can also cause bad breath. See your dentist to rule out any oral care issues as a culprit.

Addressing Bad Breath

In order to address bad breath, you need to understand what’s causing it. The best way to discover the underlying reason for bad breath is being honest about your lifestyle and habits with both your dentist and doctor to create the best approach to getting rid of bad breath. Many times bad breath can be avoided by living a tobacco free life, keeping a good oral health care routine (brushing twice a day and flossing daily) and of course seeing your dentist at least twice a year.

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