America, it’s one of fastest growing countries in the World. But sadly, the climate of this country is greatly affecting with the increasing growth of the population; more people mean more population. Whether you are new to America or you have been in the area for a while, you must have noticed the difference in color of clouds. This change in color of clouds is the haze of air pollution surrounding the whole country and supposedly world. Sadly, our beloved country is not at the mercy of pollution and ranks among the highest country for ozone pollution. Yikes!

Pollution and oral health

Don’t see up and side to detect pollution only, we breath in the same environment, don’t you think it has any impact over our body parts and organs? Look in the mirror and see your teeth, are they stained regardless of frequent brushing? Is there a connection between oral health and the pollution? There must be. According to a recent survey, this increasing air pollution is linked to the drastic increase in the risk of mouth cancer over time.

Tobacco still stands as the number one cause of mouth cancer; air pollution is soon to take the second position of causing mouth cancer. If you are a smoker living in America, you must visit your dentist for cancer screening. Smokers are at increased risk of mouth cancer in America due to their tobacco consumption and air pollution. Get your mouth screening done as soon as possible, better safe than sorry!

Clean Air and Clean Teeth

There is nothing difficult in keeping a pretty and healthy smile. Brush twice a day, floss daily, keep your dental checkups scheduled at least twice a year, use mouthwash, chew sugar-free gum between meals and use less sugar. Easy peesy, lemon squeezy.

You can also quit bad oral habits like cessation of smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol intake. This will significantly improve oral health.

Now comes the bigger part. Clean air. That’s a whole different matter.  In 1970, The Clean Air Act was designed to enforce clean air by reducing air quality related health conditions and premature death. The air can be kept clean by reducing traffic with a Mobility Action Plan, reducing the pollution created by industries and machines. The cleaner air we have, the healthier our generations will be.

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