We all are aware about the fact that we must brush our teeth daily in the morning and night with a good fluoride toothpaste, avoid eating certain foods and floss regularly to keep our gums and teeth healthy. But are we doing it all fine and good? Like the way it should? Here are some tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Keep your teeth pearly white with some modifications in your life!

Eat a white diet

When we say white diet, we do not mean just milk. There are some foods and ingredients that tend to stain our teeth more than other foods. Foods containing caffeine, red wine, soda and sugar certainly stain teeth really bad. So, if you are really opting for a healthier and shiner tooth, you should avoid drinking any drink containing all three of the mentioned ingredients. They are neither good in separate nor in combination, if they are staining your teeth, think of the harm it must be bringing to your stomach?! Alongside, smoking cigarettes gives teeth a yellow stain which does not look good. Trust me with that.

Therefore, it is in your best interest if all these ingredients are avoided at all costs. Try eating and drinking white food, meaning food containing minimum to no staining ingredients in it. This is the best way to keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Avoid Acidic and Sugary foods

Acidic foods does not only bring damage to your intestines and stomach, it does harm your teeth too. To keep your teeth healthy, you must limit acidic ingredients in your diet such as fruit juices and soft drinks. Avoiding food with high quantity of sugar is important to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Sugar, acidic ingredients and soda are known to cause cavities and holes in the teeth. You wouldn’t like getting sensitive teeth after eating sweets and drinking cold, would you? To enjoy every flavor on earth, you must keep a healthy hygiene.

Clean your teeth with the food

There are certain ingredients that certainly clean your teeth. Yes, it is true. Ingredients such as apples, raw carrots, coconut and celery are really helpful in keeping teeth healthy helps in removing the built up plaque.

So, our advice? Do not brush your teeth right after eating Celery, Raw Carrots, Coconuts and Apples.

Brush your tongue

Did you know most of the bacteria entrap on your tongue than on the teeth itself? Scrape away all the dirt by using tongue scrapper to avoid bad breath and a healthy mouth. This also helps in reducing the quantity of plaque build-up.It is a great and healthy oral hygiene routine.

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