Get a brighter smile with these 5 tips

We keep brushing and flossing our teeth to keep them bright, white and healthy. Yet, you feel like your smile lacks some sparkle. Are you afraid of smiling in public because your teeth are considerably yellow than it used to be?

Are you thinking about getting teeth whitening done? Get the facts right before jumping onto this bigger decision. Here we have narrowed down 5 tips for a brighter smile.

5. Your teeth are like Sponges, they absorb everything

Do you think the soda you’re drinking or the cigarettes you’re smoking does not bring any harm to your teeth? Your teeth have pores that absorb literally everything like your skin or sponge does. Anything you put in your mouth has coloration and will absorb into those pores. Dark berries, coffee, wine, smoking and soda are extremely active in staining teeth.

4. Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth

If you do not use teeth whitening products as instructed and use them too often, chances are you will damage your teeth. Professional teeth whitening as incredible it is, you may think of getting it not too often. The whitening process uses active bleach and ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth in order to lift stains. After each session of teeth whitening, your teeth will naturally remineralize and rehydrate.

But if you keep doing it every month or every week, are you giving your teeth enough time to remineralize? Don’t damage your teeth!

3. Sensitivity is normal

More than 60% of Americans have naturally sensitive teeth, you are not an obscure. The most possible cause is genetics. You might have thin enamel or damaged teeth, that you are not aware of. During the whitening process, your teeth pores are opened up to lift stains. After a while they remineralize but till then it’s completely okay to have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity is absolutely normal after teeth whitening. Most possible sensitivity will disappear within a timeline of 12-36 hours after whitening, so you better should use post-whitening fluoride treatments after teeth whitening treatment.

2. Laser whitening is temporary

Not just laser, some use UV therapy and it all works by accelerate ng the whitening gel to act faster. It undoubtedly whitens quickly but absolutely a no-go-area for people with sensitive teeth. Further, the results are temporary, do you want your teeth to undergo laser or UV therapy every month? And yes, it must be maintained otherwise all your effort goes in vain. The entire treatment is incredibly expensive and lengthy. Think before you decide.

1. Stains can be removed overnight

You can’t do anything overnight. Everything requires time, so does teeth whiten. In order to see a good result of teeth whitening, you must have patience. This is a myth that most people believe in, no, it is not true. No product in the market and no dentist in the industry can provide you teeth whitening overnight. Chemically it is impossible for any whitening agent to safely penetrate in your teeth pores to lift the stain. So, beware if any product claims to provide overnight results. See if they are FDA approved and authorized!

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